Academic Dance at Wellington goes from strength to strength, and the 3rd form Dance curriculum gives pupils the chance to grow not just as dancers but also as choreographers. The Choreographic Challenge, which takes place in early May, is always eagerly anticipated and allows our young dancers to show off all they have learnt throughout the year.

Caroline Kenworthy, Head of Dance, writes:

‘Nearly 50 pupils took to the stage to perform their own choreographies in what was, for many, their first attempt at choreographing. The dancers were all hugely professional, poised and really impressed the audience with their thoughtful approaches to their chosen themes. From a creative exploration of the impact of covid on our lives, or dark stories of being held hostage, to explorations of the elements through movement or the concept of isolation, the pupils really showed their creative flair. Having only done two terms of dance thus far, it was certainly impressive and showed their significant development in a short space of time. Perhaps their academic exploration of professional works such as Emancipation of Expressionism by Boy Blue or Ghost Dances by Christopher Bruce earlier in the year really inspired their incredible performances.’

Prizes were awarded as follows:

Best Choreography winner: Mabel, Chloe and Flo – A trio exploration of the dancing plague of 1518 in France

Best Choreography runner-up: Sophia, Adriana and Rosanna – The office workers experiences during 9/11

Best Performance winner: Morgan, Emily and Ivy – A story exploring a war veteran lost at sea

Best Performance runner-up: Sofia, Katya, Min and Ava – A quartet about dreams and nightmares

Best exploration of theme winner: Sophie, Maya, Lily and Emily – An exploration of a group of girls held captive for a number of years

Best exploration of theme runner-up: Clarissa, Ava and Jemima – Based on a true story of 2 children held hostage

Congratulations to all participants for their remarkable performances and for pushing the boundaries of artistic expression!