Wellingtonians undoubtedly feel that their House is very much their home in the College, and it is a real strength that every pupil at Wellington believes passionately that their House is the best!

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Houses are where pupils live, sleep, relax, work and, in a few Houses, eat some of their meals. For most Wellingtonians, it is also where they will develop their most enduring friendships and it is the place where a team of passionate and dedicated staff will support and guide them throughout their time at the College.

Every one of our 17 Houses has a Housemaster or Housemistress (HM), and Assistant HM (often also resident) and a team of tutors who look after individual year groups within the House community. On a day-to-day basis, it is the HM who has overarching responsibility for the pastoral life of the boys or girls under their care, and will often be the first point of contact for parents. Tutors meet their tutees on regular basis both as a group, during a Monday morning tutorial period, and also individually, often when they are ‘on duty’ in the House of an evening. All Houses also have a Matron, most of whom work between 10.30am and 6pm and a Housekeeper, who works between 7.30am and lunchtime. This system ensures that there is always adult cover in every House 24-hours a day.

All new pupils are assigned a ‘buddy’ from the year above in their House to help them settle into life at Wellington in the early weeks and months. One of the House prefects will also be a designated Third Form prefect and their sole responsibility is to take care of the new pupils in their respective Houses.

House Allocation

After offers of places are made in Year 6, a number of Open Houses Days are held at the College to enable families to visit different Houses, meet the HMs and be toured by current pupils. Families are then asked to submit a list of their House preferences. The date of registration is used as the deciding factor when allocating Houses. Early registration therefore increases the likelihood of a boy or girl being allocated their first choice House. Between 90-95% of new pupils are allocated a place in their first or second choice House, a fact which emphasises how popular and diverse all our Houses are.