The Anglesey is an 'out-of-College' girls House, having moved to its present location between the main College buildings and sports facilities in 1979.

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Rachel Loaring, Anglesey HM

The HM

Rachel Loaring became Housemistress of the Anglesey in September 2011 following its conversion into a House for girls. She is married to Huw, a director of a small software company, and between them they have four boys: Oliver (20), Alex (17), Charlie (16) and William (14). Rachel teaches Chemistry and has been at Wellington since 2008, joining from Clifton College in Bristol where she held such positions as activity coordinator and director of work experience. Rachel enjoys playing the piano, holidays with her family and karaoke!

The House

Purpose-built, the layout of the House is unique and it is often said that the Anglesey must have been designed by a schoolmaster rather than an architect. All rooms are located around a central living area known as the ‘Atrium’ and the fact that single and double rooms are scattered throughout means that girls of all ages are dotted evenly around the House, thereby avoiding areas dedicated to a specific year group. Consequently and quite naturally, a strong sense of belonging and community spirit permeates the House without any sense of hierarchy between the years.

There are 70 girls in the Anglesey who pride themselves in their full involvement in all aspects of school life. Strong representation in all major teams reflects the importance of sport in the life of the House, although the Anglesey also has a strong reputation in the Arts with a tradition of choristers, thespians, musicians, dancers and artists.