The Apsley is a caring and nurturing environment, a place where girls can feel safe and happy. There is a real warmth to the House where girls' wellbeing is a responsibility pursued tirelessly by every member of staff.

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Alexis Christodoulou, Apsley HM

The HM

Alexis Christodoulou attended the UWC Atlantic College as a boy, studied Engineering at Imperial College London and has an MA in Psychology with the Open University. He started his career teaching Maths at Dover College where he was Head of Department for five years, before moving to Abingdon School, where he was a Housemaster for eight years. There he was also involved in coaching rowing and cross-country running. His interests include swimming, cycling and running.

Alexis is supported by his Assistant HM and Third form tutor, Kirsty Tyrell. Kirsty studied English Literature at Loughborough University and completed her P.G.C.E. at Southampton University. Aside from her academic studies, Kirsty played lacrosse for the First Team in the BUCS Championships and is still dedicated to health and fitness, training at the gym regularly and being involved in the other sports which she plays including netball, rounders, tennis and athletics. Kirsty has been head of lacrosse for two years and also enjoys music – she plays the piano, oboe, organ and sings.

The House

The Apsley has a unique heritage but is now shaping the future of forward-thinking, bright and talented girls by empowering them to discover new knowledge and to create opportunity for themselves and others. The boarding house itself is a traditional red-brick building with all the modern facilities one would expect. Emphasis is placed on academic rigour with the aim of academic success, coupled with a need for sport and outdoor pursuits in the context of health and team-work. At all times girls strive for wellbeing, clarity of mind and perspective. No matter where and how girls choose to work in their later life – the operating theatre, leading their own platoon, a laboratory, or creating their own digital start-up – we hope the skills they develop during their time in Apsley will see them being the ones who lead and who light up the workplace, where their reputation is synonymous with success and who are ambassadors for progress and good.