The warm relationships between the boys, excellent facilities and proximity to the main College buildings make the Picton a popular and happy House.

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Jack Murray, Picton HM

The HM

Jack joined Wellington College in September 2016 and he has loved every single minute of it. In his previous career, he was a foreign exchange spot trader and worked at Barclays Capital. It was a truly life changing experience as it took him to Japan for a year, allowed him to meet Michael Jordan and reinforced in his mind what his values are and what he wants out of a career. He teaches Geography having studied for a BA at Nottingham University. He is a passionate sports coach at Wellington, having coached rugby including the college 2nd XV and U15 group, who went on to win the National Cup in 2019. Having spent two months in Belize diving every single day he finds peace and serenity underwater and has a passion for underwater photography. He gets very excited about taking pictures of turtles the size of VW’s and sharks the size of minibuses. If he were not a teacher here at Wellington, he would most likely be pursuing a career as a National Geographic wildlife photographer. His teaching and pastoral philosophy is born out of these passions and values. He hopes to encourage pupils to be curious explorers of both academics and the world around them. He hopes to encourage pupils to disconnect and detach from the imperfect vision of the perfect world that is portrayed on social media and look beyond that. He hopes to encourage pupils to realise connection with people in all its forms is a foundation stone of happiness and purpose. He also really likes the Simpsons, Star Wars, the NFL, Dim Sum and all things sweet.

He is joined by his wife Amy who is a pharmacist at Frimley Park Hospital and their cockapoo Ruby.

The House

The Picton is home to 46 boarders and 7 day-pupils.  It is situated in an enviably central location at the heart of the Wellington action – near classrooms, the Music School, Chapel and Dining Hall.  Despite its proximity to many of the main facilities it retains a wonderfully detached “out of college” feel and provides the boys with a great environment to which they can retreat and unwind after a busy day.  As with all of the houses at Wellington, the boys in the Picton possess a fantastically diverse range of talents and we aim to ensure that all boys seek out and learn from challenge and feel that their achievements in all walks of life, both inside and outside College, are recognised, valued and celebrated.

The accommodation in the house is split over 3 floors with the 3rd form sharing rooms of 2 or 4 and the more senior boys in the house having their own rooms. The Picton is lucky to have additional recreational space in the shape of a large garden and its own floodlit multi-sports area, affectionately known by the boys as ‘the cage’. The warm relationships between the boys, tutors and housekeeping staff in conjunction with a great location and excellent facilities make the Picton a popular and happy house.