One of the world's top coeducational day and boarding schools founded in 1859, just outside London, combining innovation with 150 years of history.

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@ WellingtonUK @ Welly_Master @ rihbd a superb day in Belfast. Credit to # WCPCI pupils for their questions & attitude!
on May 31 @WellingtonUK
Well done all. Sounds tremendous. Great thing for @ wellingtonuk students to be doing.
on May 30 @WellingtonUK
The grand opening of the # livinglegacy # garden @ wellingtonuk yesterday was a tremendous success.…
on May 30 @WellingtonUK
Read about our admissions process and why it's better to get a life rather than a tutor...
on May 30 @WellingtonUK
Doors open at 09:00. Everyone seated by 09:45. Show starts at 10:00. # IAmTheBigTop # AndIAmProvidingUsefulInformation @ WellingtonUK
on May 28 @WellingtonUK