On Tuesday 5 March, the U16 girls embarked on a journey to Lee Valley National Hockey Stadium, fuelled by determination to clinch victory at the National U16 Hockey Finals.

In the intense semi-final match against Manchester High, nerves were high as the girls faced a formidable opponent. Despite not hitting their peak performance, a crucial goal in the first half paved the way for a resilient defence, securing a hard-fought win. Recognising the need for improvement, they set their sights on the final showdown the following day.


The grand stage was set as they squared off against Oakham in the final, with 250 fervent supporters backing their opponents. Undeterred, the Wellington team launched into action, seizing an early lead with two penalty corners and adding another field goal to stun the crowd, taking a commanding 3-0 lead into half-time. Oakham rallied in the second half, but relentless determination saw two more field goals extend Wellington’s lead, culminating in a magnificent team performance.

With unparalleled teamwork and tenacity, the girls emerged triumphant, and were crowned National Champions amidst jubilant celebrations.

Reflecting on the monumental victory, coach Rob Farrington expressed immense pride in his team’s exceptional display on the grandest stage: “To produce a performance of that high quality, in the biggest game of the year, was really special. All year we have focused on being joyful and playing together as a team, the final performance was exactly that. Every member of the team was superb and should be so proud.”

The U16 girls etched their names into the annals of Wellington history, a testament to their unwavering spirit and dedication.