Academic overview

Wellington is a highly academic school that prides itself on the breadth and depth of its curriculum, the excellence of its teaching staff and its clear focus on equipping pupils with the skills to become life-long independent learners.

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The journey towards independent learning begins in a Wellingtonian’s very first year at the College and the HarknessĀ  philosophy lies at the heart of our academic approach: pupils are encouraged to undertake their own carefully guided research before eventually leading and contributing to discussions in the classroom.

All our academic staff are subject specialists, and all are committed to providing well-paced and stimulating lessons that not only cover the appropriate syllabuses but which also inspire a genuine spirit of enquiry. Exam success is important (our results are stellar) but fostering the life of the mind is perhaps even more valuable. To that extent our well-stocked and innovative library, located right in the heart of the school, allows pupils the space and freedom to grow intellectually.

Harkness in Moral Room

The Harkness table in the Library’s Moral Room

Each pupil has an academic tutor whom they meet several times each week and feedback is given to both pupils and parents on a regular basis: the emphasis is very much on coaching and helping pupils take ownership of their own academic progress.

Wellington is committed to its position at the forefront of academic and pedagogical debate. The annual Festival of Education hosted each summer (in association with The Telegraph and now in its eighth year), our International Schools in China, the Academies we sponsor and our Teaching Schools Partnership all bear testimony to that, as does our Research Partnership with Harvard University. Please visit the Leading Education pages to read more about any of these aspects of the College’s activities.

Wellington’s academic life is rich, varied and truly outward-looking in its restless pursuit of excellence.