We adopt a 'whole child' approach by getting to know the characters, strengths and personalities of all candidates during the 13+ assessment process.

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The majority of children who join us at 13+ have been involved with Wellington for three years, with places offered either straight after the admissions process in Year 6 or after some time on a waiting list.  Places are also offered each year to those who applied for Year 7 or even Year 8 assessment.

Places offered in Year 6 (or subsequently) are conditional only on a favourable transfer report from the current school of the applicant.

The Registration Process

Parents are able to register their sons and daughters at any stage for 13+ entry although the closing date for Year 6 assessment is 30th June of Year 5. To register your child for 13+ entry from 2025 onwards, or for 2024 via our late assessment route, please click on the link below.  The non-refundable registration fee (£300) can be paid by credit or debit card to complete the process.

Alternatively, if you are unable to pay by credit card or would prefer to pay by bank transfer, our bank account details can be found by clicking here. Please let us know if you make a bank transfer by sending an email to admissions@wellingtoncollege.org.uk.

To determine your child’s correct year of entry and closing date for registration, please click here.


Registration for significant fee-assisted places

Families whose children are in Year 5 or 6 and require significant fee-assistance (75%-100%) are welcome to apply and do not require a registration fee to be paid.  All fee assistance is means tested and we will, therefore, ask for a confidential ‘statement of financial position’ form to be completed and sent to us before 30th September of Year 6 for us to proceed with the application process.  This form can be sent directly by families or by any organisation with which they are working (e.g. Royal Springboard).  Unfortunately, the total amount of financial support that we are able to offer in any year is limited and it is likely that this route will be very competitive.  Please click on the box below to register.


If you experience problems when completing the online registration form, please contact admissions@wellingtoncollege.org.uk.

Stage 1 (Oct/Nov Year 6)

Candidates sit the ISEB Common Pre-Test, an age-standardised series of tests in English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.  These tests are usually completed at the current school although a small number of candidates may take them at Wellington College.  Overseas candidates can take the test at a British Council or an approved invigilation centre. 

From Autumn 2022, ISEB will be amending their process and parents/guardians will be required to register their child for the ISEB Common Pre-Test.  We will of course, support families throughout this process. Further information can be found here.

References are also requested from current schools, before long-listed candidates are invited to Stage 2.

Stage 2 (Jan/Feb Year 6)

Selected pupils attend an assessment morning or afternoon at Wellington, consisting of a series of collaborative lessons and problem-solving activities.  Pupils will also be interviewed by a senior member of staff.  By getting to know the characters, strengths and personalities of each and every candidate during their day with us, we adopt a whole child approach to the assessment process.

Offers are made in March of Year 6, conditional only on receiving a favourable report of satisfactory completion of schooling from the current school at the end of Year 8.

Late Assessment

For those families who, for one reason or another, miss the original deadline for entry, late assessment options are available.

Late Admissions Route 1 is for late registrations in Year 6.  Children who are registered by 30th June of Year 6 will follow Stages 1 and 2 above but 12 months later than the standard route.  For children offered places via this route, House choice is likely to be more limited.

Late Admissions Route 2 is for children whose family contact us in Year 7.  We ask that you register interest by completing the form below and upload a copy of your child’s latest available school report, together with a 500 word ‘pen portrait’ of your child.  We will review late enquiries in June of Year 7.  A small number of children will be invited to assessment and, if successful, are likely to be offered a waiting list place initially.

13+ Registering Interest for entry in 2023 (Late Admissions Route 2)

Please click here to see details and a timeline for late registrations in Year 6 and 7.