Equity and Inclusion

In the widest sense everything we do at Wellington is informed by our principles of equity - respecting the needs and acknowledging the uniqueness of every individual - and inclusion - learning about, and celebrating, the diverse experiences of the people around us, at home, school and in the world.

Formally, Equity and Inclusion is concerned with two important aspects of our co-curricular life: charities and diversity awareness.

Pupils and staff at Wellington routinely get involved in a wide range of charitable activities, and individuals can suggest causes dear to their hearts, get involved in putting on charity events in aid of causes chosen by their Boarding Houses and also join in Wellington’s whole-school events like the annual game of tag, Be The Duke, to raise money for sponsored causes such as Round Square or CCHF-all about kids. Wellingtonians also look beyond our adopted charities, and throw themselves enthusiastically into national fund-raisers such as Comic Relief.

Of course charity isn’t only about fund-raising; it is also about getting involved on a local level with neighbours who need ongoing help. As part of a Christmas box project for our local Women’s Aid shelter, Wellingtonians, staff and parents made so many boxes that Women’s Aid were able to supply five to other shelters too.

Diversity group was set up at Wellington several years ago by a group of pupils and staff who wanted to raise awareness about how different aspects of personal identity like race, gender and sexuality can all inform different points of view, and how living together both encourages and requires us all to develop our individual views in an open and respectful dialogue with people around us whose viewpoints and experience are different. In a co-educational school whose community includes individuals from over 40 different countries and dozens of faiths, we believe that acknowledging the diversity within our Wellington identity is an important part of educating future citizens of the world.