Student Media

Wellingtonians have numerous opportunities to get involved with all manner of media from photography to student journalism, and from radio to film production.

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As part of Wellingon’s co-curricular offering, opportunities for pupils to nurture their creative spirit can be found across a wide range of media.

For those interested in creative writing and journalism, the termly edition of the Wellingtonian – an entirely pupil-led school magazine, written and edited by and for the student body – provides a wonderful opportunity, as does our very own Creative Writing Society which meets regularly. Photography Society meets fortnightly and provides pupils with the chance to explore this artistic medium regardless of whether they are taking Art or Photography as academic subjects. Examples of pupil photography can be found in the Co-curricular Art section of the website.

Wellington Television, affectionately known as WTV, is at the cutting edge of student film-making and media work, producing regular shorts for various College events, as well as chronicling all the major landmarks in the Wellington Calendar including EdFest and Speech Day. The Master’s entrance video is a highlight of the year! Pupils involved with WTV have also enjoyed work experience on the sets and in the editing suites of feature films, giving a unique insight into what a career in film and videography involves.

Particularly exciting is the new collaborative radio station – DukeBox – which spans all the schools in the Wellington family, allowing pupils at the Academy, the College and in our schools in China to work together on joint projects and broadcast everything from music shows to lecture series around the globe.

Whatever aspect of the media a Wellingtonian is interested in, they will find a variety of opportunities to nurture and develop this passion during their time at the College.