The Wellington College Arts Fund

Calendar of Availability 2021
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When the Annenberg Performing Arts Centre opened in September 2018, Wellington’s Director of Arts and Music, Simon Williamson, was determined that as well as being a wonderful space for the College’s actors, musicians and dancers, it should be a focal point for local artistic communities, and particularly local schools.

To further this aim, an Arts Fund (WCAF) was created with money chiefly being raised from ticket sales of College performances. The WCAF is specifically available for Arts Education projects involving students of school age, and particularly school-based projects where the Fund can provide money for extra resources or expertise.

The WCAF has been delighted to issue a number of grants so far which have enabled a local school to buy a printing press for their art department; provided a performing arts department at another school with funding to purchase costumes, props and staging for future performances; enabled yet another local school to purchase samba kit with which they formed a samba band and subsequently performed in the College’s community concert; and has provided funding for a local production company to enable local youth actors to develop a mini-series, Alone Together, which explores the impact of Covid–19 on a class of Year 12 pupils.

All proceeds from our concert tickets go into the Arts Fund to support the Arts in the local community, particularly with arts events in local schools.

To apply for a grant for your local arts project you can request an application form or find out further information by emailing

Every year we hold events with students from the local community. These include an annual Musical Theatre concert in collaboration with students from local schools as well as a variety of masterclasses running throughout the year which are open to local student musicians.

Follow us to be informed of the latest developments and news of grants awarded to support the Arts in the local community.