Over the past month, we have all been witness to the ravaging effects of the second wave of the pandemic on India. Be it heart-wrenching images of patients sharing hospital beds, or funeral pyres set up on pavements outside overburdened crematoriums, it’s enough to send a chill down anyone’s spine (Warning: there are sensitive images at the bottom of the email). Those of us who hail from India have either lost someone, or know someone who has been affected by the pandemic, we have seen our social media feeds inundated with desperate pleas for oxygen, medication, and hospital beds. The air is heavy with grief and pain, even oceans away.

In response to the tragic events unfolding in India, Forth Former, Ishan (M) has called upon all at Wellington College to help raise funds for this cause.

Ishan said: ‘Throughout the pandemic, I have been grateful for the privilege of health and safety, fleeting as it may seem now. I am even more grateful that these privileges allow me to do my part for those who need it most.

However, now, it is not only the ‘marginalized’ in India who need our help. The burden on the healthcare system impacts every citizen, and the Hemkunt Foundation has been working tirelessly to ease this impact by providing oxygen cylinders to hundreds of thousands in need. I appeal to you to support this foundation through donations, big or small. Even £5 goes a long way in India and can ensure that a patient in need receives oxygen in time to save their life.

Let us come together as a global community to ensure that not one citizen of this world gets left behind. Thank you for reading and donating!‘

Please donate HERE.

Don’t miss Tee off for India
Saturday 22 May, 4pm – Wellington College Golf Course
A golf tournament with various prizes, with an entry fee of £20 to help raise as much money as possible.

Tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis as there is limited availability. All the proceeds will go to the charity and a link to sign up will follow later.