David and Jasper on Sky News

On 27 May, David and Jasper (Pn) gave a truly inspiring interview with Sky News, because today, David is taking part in the The Kingsleys 5k race to raise £70,000 to fund Dorsal Rhizotomy Surgery for a person, like himself, with cerebral palsy.

David and his friends have embraced the College values: Kindness, Courage, Respect, Integrity, Responsibility. We could not be prouder and Stephen Nixon of Sky News summed it up perfectly:

“That’s what you need in young people today. That determination, that grit, that getting-on-with-it, and in the whole process of it trying to help other people. What more can you ask for from two young people? Absolutely love it!”

If you’d like to support David and the Cerebral Palsy Trust please donate HERE.

Read more about David’s story and the Cerebral Palsy Trust HERE.

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