The Kingsleys are back! 2020/21 saw the cancellation of many much-loved events that helped to shape the spirit and community of Wellington College. The Kingsleys, where more than 1,000 students and staff weave their way through the 410-acre site culminating in a plunge through Swan Lake, is one race that we are particularly excited to see return.

It will be even more special this year as one very inspiring young man, David (Pn), will reprise his challenge of completing the walk despite his cerebral palsy. Last March, the event was cancelled, a mere 10 hours before the start. But next week, David will finally be able to attempt the full course, including the Swan Lake finale. Supported by a small team of close school friends, he will start his challenge at 11am and hopes to cross the finish line 13-15 hours later.

David is hoping his efforts will help publicise his campaign to raise £70,000 to fund Dorsal Rhizotomy Surgery for a person, like himself, with cerebral palsy.

David said: ‘As I had the surgery when I was a young child, I realised the difference it can make to a child’s life. I wanted to give a child, who cannot afford it, the same opportunity I had. With the support of the Wellington College staff and past and present pupils of Wellington College, I knew I could achieve this goal.’

James Dahl, Head of Wellington College said: ‘Those of us who are lucky enough to know David, and see the courage with which he has tackled every school day at Wellington College since he started four years ago, are under no illusions as to the scale of the challenge – but will be cheering him on every hard-fought step of the way.’

If you’d like to support David and the Cerebral Palsy Trust please donate HERE.

Read more about David’s story and the Cerebral Palsy Trust HERE.


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