Conference for Designated Safeguarding Leads in Boarding School

2 October 2019
09:30 - 16:15
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The welfare of the Designated Safeguarding Lead in any school is of paramount importance; coupled with the intensive boarding environment where the demands on the DSL’s time and energy can be incessant and draining, the need for individuals in such front line positions to look after themselves is increasingly vital.

Few courses exist which really look at how DSLs working in the boarding environment can care for themselves; this new course looks to address this need and aims to equip individuals with the tools and techniques to stay fit and well so that they are in the best position, personally and professionally, to carry out their roles and responsibilities.

The day long course will enable DSLs to consider their own mental health and well-being which is such a critical factor in relation to the challenging work that these individuals face, often on a day to day basis. It is based on the principle that staff are the most important asset for any organisation and consequently, there is a need to make sure that staff are flourishing and healthy, and actively taking steps to stay that way. The course material has been informed by research into self-care practices and has been written by Phil Doorgachurn (Director of Safeguarding in Sports, Limeculture UK) and Delyth Lynch (Deputy Head Safeguarding, Wellington College).

The course will look at the role of the DSL today utilising some of the operational practices which have been adopted in Australia in order to bring to life examples of how self-care practices can positively impact on staff wellbeing. Through allowing open discussion about the role and equipping all attendees with a ‘DSL self-care toolkit’, it is hoped that DSLs will be more content in their role, are able to manage their workload more effectively and confidently,  and are less likely to experience vicarious trauma or burn out.

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Designated Safeguarding Leads within Boardroom Schools

Delegate Fee: £200 per person.  Early Bird: £175.  Places are strictly limited to 15 delegates.

To register an interest, please email: Tarla Woolhouse, Educational Conference Manager:

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