Georgiana and Cindy Return from COP26

The implications of the decisions made at the recent COP26 conference in Glasgow will reverberate for years, and possibly centuries, to come. We are extremely proud that two Wellington Pupils were part of that momentous occasion. Just before half term, lower sixth form students, Georgiana and Cindy (both O) were selected from over 200 applicants to form part of a team representing the UK Schools Sustainability Network (UKSSN).

In the films below Georgiana and Cindy talk about their key COP26 moments and give us top tips on how to live more sustainably.

Since their return they have been busy with numerous post-conference commitments. These include sharing their remarkable achievements by:

Some of the students will also be hosting a UKSSN zoom meeting with the journalist and Guardian Newspaper columnist, George Monbiot.

We look forward to learning more about their trip and the future of sustainability at Wellington.

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