Global Politics Conference

On Thursday 22nd November, Wellington College welcomed a range of influential speakers from the UK’s political circles to discuss the most pressing issues faced in Politics today.

Moritz Steinruecke (Upper Sixth, Hg), Co-Chair of the Politics Society, writes about the day’s events.

The Global Politics Conference brought several local schools to Wellington, giving students the opportunity to engage with highly regarded authors, journalists and Members of Parliament.

The lead speaker of the event, Tim Marshall, journalist, broadcaster and bestselling author, presented the themes discussed in his latest book, ‘Divided’, which examines the literal and symbolic effects of borders, walls and barriers on international relations. James Nixey, Head of the Russia and Eurasia Programme at Chatham House, followed, speaking about the relationship between Russia and the West and offering a sceptical view of current relations.

The afternoon was filled with a diverse selection of talks, ranging from international relations and crises to intervention and, inevitably, to the EU and Brexit. Notably, the event welcomed two Members of Parliament: Rory Stewart of Penrith and The Border, and Dr Phillip Lee of Bracknell, our local constituency. Rory Stewart MP delivered a presentation on the limitations of intervention conducted by inter-governmental organisations such as the United Nations and the reasons for their limited efficacy in recent times. Phillip Lee MP shared his views on Brexit and how leaving the European Union will impact Britain’s place in the world and affect its position as an actor in wider global Politics. As Theresa May’s Brexit plan passes through the necessary stages of approval, the future of the United Kingdom remains a key area of discussion in the Politics classroom.

The conference proved to be a resounding success, allowing students from Wellington and beyond to discover political concepts within the context of relevant issues, from the perspectives of experts in the field.

A huge thank you to Mrs Woolhouse and to Dr Coates for organising the event.

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