IB Students at Bayer for British Science Week

To kick off British Science Week the Lower Sixth IB students spent the day at Bayer’s Head Office in Reading completing a compulsory part of their IB called the Group 4 Project. Students from different Group 4 (STE) subjects spent the day working together on a range of scientific and technological tasks.  The aim of the day was to allow for concepts and perceptions from across the disciplines to be shared, to develop an understanding of the relationships between scientific disciplines and their influence on other areas of knowledge. The Group 4 Project also aims to allow students to appreciate the environmental, social and ethical implications of science and technology. The emphasis is on interdisciplinary cooperation and the processes involved in scientific investigation, rather than the products of such investigation.

This was the first time that we have held the event outside of school. Bayer is a world leader in health care and agriculture, committing significant amounts of research and development to solving the major challenges currently faced by humanity and so it was an entirely appropriate place for Wellington students to complete their tasks.  It was a fantastic opportunity for students who are currently choosing their field of academic study at university to be exposed to such a company, and to understand that science and technology underpins business and commerce.

Miranda Patterson, Director of Science, Technology and Engineering, commented: “Through conversations with some of the Bayer employees, students learned of the enormous variety of stimulating and challenging careers within STE, many of which do not involve being in a lab or wearing a white coat.  Being a scientist in the modern world is so much more than that; the skills that science subjects offer are transferable into all sorts of careers”.

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