Launching the WellyHub

The story behind the WellyHub is one that demonstrates our pupils’ vision, collaboration, expertise and perseverance. 

WellyHub is a social learning platform and the newest addition to myWelly – ‘an app run by students, for students’. The WellyHub was developed to coordinate Global Citizenship, the Arts, Sport, CCF, Academic Extension and Enrichment activities and gives access to students and teaching staff to nearly 150 activities. Wellington students Arjun N and Gregor M – president and vice-president of WellyCompSci, respectively – are the main developers of the project, which has been coordinated by Dr Lays Valim, Head of Computer Science. 

In what should have been the last week of the Lent Term, after students returned home due to the coronavirus outbreak, Laura N drafted the proposal for a platform she called WellyHub. Her idea, which aimed to create a sense of “togetherness” during lockdown, was featured in Mr Dahl’s speech at the very first virtual End of Term Assembly and, after making its way to the Computer Science department, fuelled various conversations amongst staff and pupils. The myWelly team worked tirelessly through the Easter holidays to prototype, build and test the platform and in a little under four weeks the Hub was ready. 

Whilst the launch of WellyHub has been an important milestone, the platform is still very much in development. It is constantly evolving to meet the requirements of the whole College community and the benefits are already exceeding the team’s initial goals. Drawing from its potential to centralise resources for pupils and to make them available 24/7 all year round, the WellyHub will soon be the home of the Third Form Entrepreneurship and Life Beyond Wellington programmes, as well as the Library’s News Digest. 

It is just the beginning for WellyHub – exciting new features and content will be coming soon to a screen near you! 

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