Naomi and Olly Launch National Chemistry Competition

Naomi T (U6, Hg) and Olly T (U6, S) are two young chemists so passionate about their subject that they have spent their spare time devising a competition which, not only enriches the current academic offering, but will help young scientists from around the UK apply their knowledge to real world problems, making a tangible difference.

Naomi, who is currently studying for her A Levels and hopes to go on to read Chemistry at Oxford University or Imperial College London, struggled to find any competitions that were allowing students to apply their chemical knowledge to relevant, real-life, problems. Frustrated by this, Naomi and Olly, who also hopes to study Chemistry at Oxford, put their heads together and with the help of their teachers, the Royal Society of Chemistry Thames Valley Local Section, and the University of Leicester, devised a new competition that will challenge young scientists and give them the opportunity to help change the world.

The Wellington College Competition for Chemistry, run in partnership with the Royal Society of Chemistry Thames Valley Local Section and University of Leicester, is calling all Year 11 and 12 pupils aged between 15 and 17 to consider how chemistry is helping our world.

Students must submit a 2000 word essay tackling either How has chemistry helped the way in which we have combated the Covid-19 pandemic? or What is chemistry’s most significant role in fighting climate change? The winner will be given the coveted opportunity to undergo a work experience placement in a lab at the University of Leicester.

Underpinning everything we do at Wellington College is our desire to create a pioneering education that will allow our young people to serve and help shape a better world. In the creation of this competition, Naomi and Olly have embodied this aspiration, and we hope that their innovative idea will not only benefit their peers, but also have a far-reaching and long term effect.

To find out more about The Wellington College Competition for Chemistry click HERE.

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