Senior Play Review: Love and Information

We began working on a stage performance and have ended up with a film!

Caryl Churchill’s fast-moving commentary on modern-day life proved the perfect play for 2020. The play, featuring 100 characters, is structured as a series of more than 50 scenes, some no longer than 25 seconds. And if that sounds complicated, that was before we added in cast ‘bubbles’ and social-distancing!

Twenty-six sixth-formers began working on the production in September, and despite various Covid-related challenges, this proved a really positive and enjoyable production. Proof that the arts can be a wonderful antidote to stressful situations!

The talented cast of actors found themselves playing a host of interesting characters: jilted lovers, psychiatric patients, lonely hearts and even sadistic torturers. Together the scenes celebrated and reflected on the peculiarities of modern life.

Benedict (LVI, Benson) joined the cast as musical director, single-handedly composing and performing a wonderful sound-track. What a talent!

The decision to present the play as a film rather than a stage performance added new challenges, and tested the expertise of the theatre technical department. However, the resulting film was a brilliant and fitting testament to the hard work of all the students involved, and an inspired interpretation of one of Caryl Churchill’s most challenging works.

View the production gallery HERE.

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