New Horizons

Last week we were treated to an excellent Fireside Talk by Jon Yates, author of ‘Fractured’, a brilliant book exploring theories around why society has become increasingly fragmented and, more importantly, what we might do to ameliorate the increasing siloed manner in which so many people live their lives, consume their news, and interact with others.

At Wellington College, one of our many educational aims is to develop in our young people the knowledge, skills and character which will allow them to make a positive impact on the people and world around them in their adult life. This includes leaving Wellington with a mindset of service, the ability to follow and lead others in all contexts, and a desire to help shape a better world through a commitment to inclusion, sustainability and equity. We want Wellingtonians to build bridges rather than drive wedges in their adult lives, the topic of a Master’s Voice I wrote in February (Read here).

It is why we continue to refine and grow our Global Citizenship programme on a Wednesday afternoon; it is why we remain utterly committed to offering the International Baccalaureate, as well as A-Levels, in the Sixth Form – and for those interested in such things, we have 242 Sixth Formers studying IB currently and 236 A-Level; it is why we are so eager to welcome pupils from nearly 40 countries around the globe; and it is why we are determined to grow our Prince Albert Foundation so children from diverse and less privileged backgrounds can access a Wellington education. And what a wonderful 10th birthday party we had for the Foundation on Saturday night!

It is also why we are keen to grow the number of our overseas schools and partnerships through the work of Wellington College International. As many of you will know, Wellington College International Tianjin celebrates its 10th birthday this year and over the past decade, in conjunction with our partners in both China and Thailand, we have supported the opening of schools in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Bangkok, with a school in Nantong due to open in 2022. I visited all these schools in 2019, upon my appointment as Master, and it is genuinely remarkable to witness first-hand how the unique educational ethos and values of Wellington College have been so authentically recreated across such a variety of settings. Over 5000 pupils are currently being educated in affiliated schools on the other side of the world, with each and every one of them proud to be called a Wellingtonian.

As we continue with our strategy of building a network of outstanding schools in key global locations and cities, we are proud to announce today that we have agreed terms with the Unison Group to establish several Wellington College schools in India, with the first opening in Pune in 2023. Wellington College International Pune will be a coeducational day and boarding school for pupils aged 2-18, within a riverside campus designed by award-winning British architects. The school will follow the English National Curriculum culminating in the IB Diploma. Just like its sister schools both here in Crowthorne and across Asia, WCI Pune will also offer unparalleled excellence in sports, music, and the arts.

The global challenges which have emerged over the past decade have left the world more fractured than any of us would like, but it is our sincere hope that by continuing to bring the educational traditions of great nations together, by connecting young people and teachers across the world in a united mission to provide high quality, values-based, holistic and transformative educational experiences, we will help create the leaders of tomorrow who will go on to find solutions to many of the issues which we are all currently facing. It is a lofty mission, but one which Wellington College is proud to pursue, and we could not be more excited that the new horizons emerging in India provide the next chapter in this journey.

You can read the press release about our partnership with Unison here.

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