The Move to Virtual: How Remote Learning is Keeping Our Students Connected

Although the government announcement of school closures on 18th March brought the Lent Term to an abrupt end, Wellington College teachers were not caught napping.

In the weeks preceding the decree, all teaching staff had completed training on how to deliver lessons through Microsoft Teams – and had been practising with colleagues so that the move to remote learning would be as smooth as possible. Responding with remarkable flexibility and energy, Wellington teachers were united in their determination not to let our pupils fall behind in their studies or feel isolated whilst away from our physical base.

Over Easter many hours were spent adapting resources for online lessons, as well as writing new engaging courses to take our Year 11 and 13 students beyond the confines of their prior curricula and prepare them for future studies at IB, A Level or university. Since then pupils have been enjoying live teaching across a full range of subjects from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Teachers have been using a range of approaches to add variety and challenge to their lessons through online quizzes, games and discussions. Reading plays together, performing in ensembles and investing virtual funds in the stock markets are just some of the class activities that have helped to keep our pupils connected as they learn. Tutors report that their tutees are relishing the focus of home learning and are actively participating in the array of academic extension and enrichment activities on offer. HMs have been delighted to receive emails from students and parents thanking the teaching team for all that they are doing.

Teachers are, however, missing their students and the buzz of life at Wellington – we are looking forward to being back in our physical classrooms as soon as possible. As the light at the end of the lockdown tunnel begins to glimmer, albeit faintly, Wellington staff are already looking towards the next stage of this process, by reflecting on what we can learn from our experience of virtual education and planning how we can deliver ever better lessons whatever the future may bring.

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