The Path of Duty

During times of crisis it is important that those who are able to help do just that. Since the Covid crisis started, Wellington College has been able to support the national and local response in a whole variety of ways:

  • Provided accommodation for key workers from Frimley Park Hospital in one of our boarding houses.
  • The Design, Engineering and Technology Department, ably assisted by several Wellington families, has made over 1,200 face visors for Frimley Park Hospital, six local care homes, four local GP surgeries, and an increasing number of local primary schools.
  • All aprons, goggles and gloves from our Science Departments have gone to local GPs and care homes.
  • Reusable Wellington water bottles have been provided for staff at Basingstoke and North Hants, and Frimley Park Hospitals.
  • Year 13 students have been making scrubs for the NHS across Berkshire and North Hampshire.
  • Many College staff have volunteered for the NHS Good Samaritan scheme, helping with medical visits and collection of prescriptions etc.
  • We were able to fund a range of meal vouchers, food parcels, equipment and staffing costs for eleven schools that are local to Edgbarrow School and The Wellington Academy – thereby maintaining provision for vulnerable pupils over the Easter holidays. Wellington College remains committed to finding ways to help and support those in need at this time of national crisis.
  • Our Independent State School Partnership (ISSP) has been offering online replacements for existing courses for state school students.
  • Our Teaching School Partnership has been offering free resources, online Teachmeets, advice and Professional Learning courses.
  • A whole school initiative, involving staff and students, to support the 2.6 Challenge, raising funds for charities financially hit by the crisis.
  • Many staff and students have been supporting The Cowshed, a local charity which provides support to people of all backgrounds in a time of personal crisis by providing pre-loved clothes and essentials.
  • We have supported Knitting for Good, a virtual group which makes, amongst other things, pairs of hearts that are then sent to hospitals to help families with bereavement.
  • In partnership with Ian Davenport (Schools Together Group Lead), Wellington has begun an initiative to support ‘Looked After Children’ in the Wokingham area.
  • Wellington is committed to supporting Healthwatch, helping the local community across Bracknell Forest, and in particular Crowthorne, which is our main area of focus.

Wellington College remains committed to finding ways to help and support those in need at this time of national crisis.

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