When the Annenberg Performing Arts Centre opened in September 2018, Wellington’s Artistic Director, Simon Williamson, was determined that as well as being a wonderful space for the College’s actors, musicians and dancers, it should be a focal point for the artistic communities of local schools.

To further this aim, Wellington has created an Arts Fund, the money chiefly being raised from ticket sales for College performances such as West Side Story and Sweeney Todd. Schools have been encouraged to apply for grants to enable their own special projects to become a reality.

We are delighted that the Wellington College Arts Fund has just awarded its first ever grant, the recipient being Court Moor School, Fleet.  Antonella Edwards, Head of Art at Court Moor, realised that a brand-new printing press would help them start an exciting after-school print-making club, as well as benefiting all Key Stage 3 and 4 children by enabling them to produce better quality artwork. She applied for funding and Wellington was thrilled to provide her school with the means to purchase the press.

The Arts Fund is specifically available for Arts Education projects involving students of school age, and particularly school-based projects. Applications are now invited for the Summer Term, the deadline being Thursday, 30th April 2020.  Any applications received after that will not be considered until the Michaelmas Term, that deadline being Wednesday, 30th September 2020.

Wellington College would love to be able to offer more schools the opportunity to apply, so if you would like further details or guidance, please contact the Director of Arts, Simon Williamson, by emailing thearts@wellingtoncollege.org.uk