There was an extra spring in the step of Guildford shoppers last week as three Wellington students took their musical talents to the streets to raise funds for Carwarden House. Harry, George, and Miles have been playing together since joining Wellington three years ago, performing their eclectic mix of indie pop and rock songs at a variety of informal and formal concerts, but more recently have got involved with the programme their boarding house, The Stanley, runs with Carwarden House, a community school for children with complex learning and additional needs.

Every week or so the boys visit Carwarden to put on guitar sing-alongs and mini concerts for the children – the Coronation Celebration was a particular favourite and ambitious plans are already in place for a spectacular Carwarden Christmas Celebration. As well as playing for the children, the boys were keen to help raise funds for the school, so set up a Just Giving page and spent time during half-term busking in Guildford. Judging by the reactions of the passers by their efforts were not only very well received, but also financially rewarding.

If you would like to support Carwarden House then please visit the boys Just Giving page.