Wellington College Joins National Effort with Visor Production

As we all know, not all heroes wear capes. Many these days are wearing face masks and visors. But the essential PPE required by NHS medical staff has been in short supply around the world. With such an unprecedented and unforeseen demand, the supply chains have been haphazard and unreliable, which is where another tier of heroes has stepped in to help. A team of Wellington College staff has been working flat out to build and deliver visors to Frimley Park Hospital.  

Despite taking 32 minutes to laser cut each face mask, the team comprising James Inglis, Iain Henderson, Alan Ilsley, David Dray, Sam Wilson, and his wife Katie, created and delivered over 246 visors in the space of just eight days.  

Sam Wilson, DET teacher, said, “The design community has been incredible during this time.  We chose several different designs created in response to the virus. They were either laser cut or 3D printed.  The 3D printed design took far too long to make and relied upon three to four different supply chains. The laser cut model we finally chose, needed to be slightly adjusted to be anthropometrically sound to fit both men and women.  As soon as we had created the first viable prototype, we sent it to Frimley Park Hospital for feedback, before going into production.” 

The team are now awaiting more materials before going into production once more. We are incredibly proud of their efforts, and the wider Wellington community who assisted them, knowing that their contribution is helping to save lives. 

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