14+ Entry

A small number of places are available for girls and boys to join each year for our exciting GCSE programme

Calendar of Availability 2021
Availability Non-Residential Residential Weddings
Feb 17 arrow 21
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Mar 27 arrow 31

Apr 01 arrow 18
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May 02 arrow 03
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May 31

Jun 01 arrow 06
available available
Jul 12 arrow 31

Aug 01 arrow 23
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Oct 03
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Oct 17 arrow 31
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Nov 27 arrow 28
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Dec 18 arrow 20
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We are delighted that a restructuring of our boarding houses has enabled us to create a small number of places for entry at 14+.  We know that for many families, moving schools just before GCSE courses start makes considerable sense.  A move to Wellington College will allow children to join our busy, fast paced and friendly co-educational environment. 

An Explanation of the Fourth Form (Year 10) Entry Process

A six-month registration window, from June to November, opens a year in advance of the pupil’s proposed entry.

Decisions of places for September 2023 will be announced initially in February 2023, but subsequent places will be offered to those placed on the Waiting List and exceptional late entrants right up until September.

For 2023 entry, we expect to offer places to around 12-15  new Fourth Form students, weighted in favour of girls. Most girls will enter the Hardinge which will change from an exclusively Sixth form house into a 14-18 girls’ house.  A handful of boys’ places will be in our 13-18 houses. New students will join an existing year group of roughly 200 students.

Stage One – Registration and documentation (by 30th November)

There are two routes of entry; full fee (and likely means-tested fee-assistance awards less than 75% of full fees) and significant (75% to 100%) means-tested fee-assistance and, having read the information fully, we ask you to select the appropriate route carefully.

As part of the registration process, pupils wishing to join the Wellington College Fourth Form are asked to upload their latest set of school reports and submit a brief personal statement so please do have these ready when you register. There is no template for the personal statement and candidates should therefore present themselves in any way in which they see fit. Candidates may wish to include details such as their academic strengths and interests and co-curricular passions and, probably, why they want to move to Wellington College. We recommend that personal statements are no longer than 500 words. 

To register your child via the full fee route, or for fee assistance requests below 75%, we will ask for a registration fee (£300) to be paid. We must stress that this registration fee is non-refundable however far we decide to take your child’s application. This reflects the fact that we put an enormous amount of effort and thought into every application before we choose who to select for each stage of the process. All applicants via this route will be examined remotely and short list selection (after Stage Two below) will take into account information from the personal statement, school reports and the exam results.  Please click on the box below to register. The non-refundable registration fee (£300) can be paid by credit or debit card to complete the process.  Please do note the small number of places we have available for this point of entry.

Alternatively, if you are unable to pay by credit card or would prefer to pay by bank transfer, our bank account details can be found by clicking here. Please let us know if you make a bank transfer by sending an email to admissions@wellingtoncollege.org.uk.

14+ Online Registration

Registration for the significant fee-assistance route (75% -100%) does not require a registration fee to be paid. We will, however, ask for a confidential ‘statement of financial position’ form to be completed and sent to us before the exams are completed. This form can be sent directly by families or by any organisation with which they are working (e.g. Royal Springboard). Unfortunately, we do not have financial resources to support every pupil requiring fee assistance and so we are likely, reluctantly, to reject some candidates before Stage Two (below). Please click on the box below to register.

14+ Online Registration – Fee Assisted Route

Stage Two – Exams

After the closing date, we will write to candidates asking them to take a series of short exams (Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English) which will be sat using digital software at home. For entry in September 2023, these exams will be taken in the first week of December.

In the week commencing 19th December invitations to the short list stages will be sent out by email to selected candidates.  Some candidates will be informed that we will not be taking their application any further.  It is likely, unfortunately, that only a relatively small number of candidates will be invited to Stage 3 to reflect the small number of 14+ places that will be offered.

References from current schools will be requested for candidates selected for Stage Three.

Stage Three – Interviews and Assessment Days

Candidates will be invited to book a pastoral interview. For entry in September 2023, these interviews will be conducted virtually over Microsoft Teams and will take place in the week commencing 16th January.

We will host an assessment day at Wellington College on Friday 20th January and an additional ‘international’ interview will be offered to those unable to travel easily to Wellington College.

These assessment days will be fun (!) and will aim to provide an authentic experience of life at Wellington and a chance to experience the culture of the school first-hand.

Fee-assisted Places

Full information on our various financial aid options can be found here. Families are asked to estimate the level of fee-assistance that they are likely to require (our fees can be found here) before selecting the route via which to register their child.

Families likely to require less than a 75% reduction in the fees are asked to register via the full fees route and will be asked to indicate their desire to apply for fee-assistance in a form which will be sent out after the closing date.

If you are in any doubt about this or have any questions, please contact the Admissions Department: Tel: +44 (0)1344 444013 Email: admissions@wellingtoncollege.org.uk