Disrupt Host an Evening with Jamie Beaton

On 21st March, Disrupt, was delighted to welcome Mr Jamie Beaton, a 23-year old New Zealand-born entrepreneur, to Wellington to have a Q&A interview with Jack C, who was the student-in-charge of Disrupt last year. Jamie is the founder of Crimson Education, an education consulting company with a valuation of $160 million. He is a graduate from Harvard and is currently undertaking an MBA at Stanford, whilst doing a PhD at Oxford.

The Driver Leadership Room was fully packed with keen aspiring entrepreneurs and Jamie shared lots of insights of running Crimson, something he has done since the age of 19. He also shared with us “A Day in Life with Jamie Beaton”: living in California and staying up for his Australian team to wake up, taking MBA classes at Stanford three days in a week, and flying back to Oxford to meet his advisor every week. His passion for education and, most importantly, the disruption that technology brings to public education, is admirable. Our students engaged with Jamie at the Q&A sessions, asking thought-provoking questions such as the recent college admissions scandal in the United States and the future of education in 10 years’ time.

After the interview, a group of 10 students sat down with Jamie and had dinner with him in College. Ethan D commented, “We learned a lot from him about his experiences as a day-student in a boarding school back in New Zealand. He even phoned his friend at Harvard, who is an OW! It was a brilliant end to the fruitful evening”.

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