James Dahl Visits Our International Schools

As part of his preparation to become our 15th Master, James Dahl spent 10 days in Asia this month visiting each of our six international schools. James was keen to experience and understand each school first-hand, and to strengthen connections with our partners, and the leaders and staff who are bringing to life the values and ethos of Wellington College in China and Thailand.

The visit was a huge success. James was received with warmth and enthusiasm (and even outright awe in the case of one Year 5 class) in every school. The days were crammed with tours (from senior to nursery campuses), meetings with the Masters and school leaders, and attending school events and Governor’s meetings, allowing him to understand the schools at all levels. Among the many highlights was a performance of The Emerald Crown by the Tianjin prep school, a tour of the impressive new upper prep facilities at Bangkok (and the most crowded train journey ever experienced) and being accosted for an interview by DukeBox in Hangzhou!

James’ clear support for the way in which each school is interpreting and delivering a tangibly Wellington education whilst respecting and incorporating their unique cultural contexts, was greatly valued by all. James takes up from where Julian leaves off, in demonstrating the depth of our commitment and supporting our partnerships with our overseas schools, for all the huge benefits that it can bring to all Wellingtonians in a globally-orientated future world. We are extremely proud of all our schools.

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