Mordaunts at Wellington

A special meeting of Wellington generations took place at the rackets court earlier this term. In 1891 GJ Mordaunt and OC Raphael became Wellington’s first ever winners of the Public Schools’ Doubles Championships, then held at the Prince’s Club, London.  In December 2018 at the Queen’s Club Issie T and Lauren G (both C) became Wellington’s first winners of the Girls’ Doubles Rackets Championships.

GJ Mordaunt was the first of four generations of the Mordaunt family to attend Wellington. On Saturday 8th June his grandsons David (C 1950 to1955) and Gerald (C 1953 to 1957) visited Wellington to present their grandfather’s trophy from 1891, now on display in the trophy cabinet in the rackets gallery. David was a highly distinguished sportsman himself, playing cricket for Sussex CCC then returning to teach at Wellington, where he was Master in charge of Cricket for twenty years, and Housemaster (then termed “Tutor”) of the Beresford from 1968 to 1980.

After the presentation at the court the girls took the Mordaunts to visit the Combermere, where they read and reminisced on the names which have stood on honours boards for seventy years, while admiring the recent developments in the house and meeting the latest generation of new Wellingtonians.

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