Wellesley girls are well known for their friendly and supportive nature and real sense of House pride. They push themselves in all areas of Wellington life and, as a result, develop into strong, confident and well-rounded individuals.

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Kate Larkin, Wellesley HM

The HM

Kate Larkin joined Wellington College in 2016, having previously taught at Gordon’s School for five years. Kate studied Marine Biology at Swansea University and then went on to work as a Marine Biologist for a conservation company in Mexico. Following this Kate completed her PGCE in Biology at Swansea University before moving to Surrey. As well as teaching Biology she enjoys coaching netball and rounders and is a keen scuba diver and skier. Kate believes that sport, music, art, drama, dance and other co-curricular activities are very important elements to every girl’s education and looks forward to supporting the Wellesley girls in all their pursuits. As Housemistress, Kate is responsible for the running of the House and ensuring that all girls feel at home, are well supported and cared for throughout their time at Wellington. She firmly believes that each individual has unique gifts and talents which need to be encouraged and so believes in developing a ‘can do’ attitude in the House.

The House

The Wellesley is a thriving girls day House consisting of 75 pupils who are fully involved at the heart of Wellington College life. The day provision at Wellington College is second to none. All girls are encouraged to participate in all that the College has to offer from art, drama and music to social events and sport. Facilities in the day House are equal to the boarding Houses — indeed, the only difference between day and boarding is that day pupils don’t have a bed!

Based in the main College buildings, the girls enjoy the close proximity to all the main College facilities and we provide them with a real ‘home away from home’. Each year group is allocated a work room which provides a locker and desk area for each pupil. The Sixth form have a wing with Common Room and work rooms, giving them an environment in which is conducive for their studies. The central Common Room provides them with an area they can relax in and is equipped with a TV, Hi-Fi and comfortable sofas and bean bags for socialising and reading the daily newspapers.