G.W.Annenberg Performing Arts Centre

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Calendar of Availability 2021
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Opened in 2018 by His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, the award-winning feat of architecture, the G.W. Annenberg Performing Arts Centre is the central ‘cultural quarter’ of the College. Inspired by Grecian amphitheatres, the circular structure clad in charred-timber, houses a 2,580m2 auditorium with two-tier seating for over 900 persons, and equipped with the highest acoustic, audio-visual and stage lighting specification at its core.

The theatre opens onto the Cultural Living Room, an airy and modern studio space, ideal for registration, refreshments breaks, and exhibitors.


  • Laptop: Macbook Pro, Mini Mac and PC available
  • Screen (adjustable height) and Projector
  • Presenter’s Screen
  • Sound Desk (Digico SD12 with D-Rack and D2-Rack)
  • Lighting Desk (ETC Ion Xe with fader wing. 4 Universes connected via Net3)
  • Green Room Relay System
  • Backstage Intercom
  • PS with Radio/Wired Microphones
  • LED Lighting Rig offering an array of colours


  • Cultural Living Room for Registration / Refreshments / Exhibitors, which conveniently links through to the Christopher Lee Theatre auditorium (should use of this space also be required for your event)
  • Foyer/Bar Area (Bar Fridges and Ice Machine) with Serving Space
  • Outdoors Patio Gardens
  • Wheelchair Seats in the Auditorium for up to 6 persons
  • Green Room
  • Flexible Classroom/Breakouts Space
  • Scenery Dock with Vehicle Access
  • Disabled Access via Lift to all Floors
  • Male, Female and Disabled Toilets


Auditorium capacity:
Total: 916 seats, comprising:
Stalls: 397 seats (including 2 wheelchair seats)
(NB: 356 seats if the Pit is in use; 286 seats if the Full Orchestra Pit is in use)
Circle: 519 seats (including 4 wheelchair seats)


Stage dimensions:
Width: 13m
Depth (at sides): 7.9m
Depth (at centre): 9.10m


Screen dimensions
Drop (top to bottom): 2.94m
Width: 5.10m


Note: the screen is mounted onto a moving bar that is adjustable to any height. Usual height is approximately 2.5m

See the Floor Plan – Ground floor

See the Floor Plan – First floor