Calendar of Availability
Calendar of Availability 2021
Availability Non-Residential Residential Weddings
Feb 17 arrow 21
available available
Mar 27 arrow 31

Apr 01 arrow 18
available available available
May 02 arrow 03
available available
May 31

Jun 01 arrow 06
available available
Jul 12 arrow 31

Aug 01 arrow 23
available available
Oct 03
available available
Oct 17 arrow 31
available available available
Nov 27 arrow 28
available available
Dec 18 arrow 20
available available
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The College is served by over 40 large, airy classrooms suitable for group learning, workshops, and breakouts. All are equipped with computer, projector, wall mounted screen, and white boards, as well as easy access to photocopiers and printers.

  • The wood-cladded Sebastian Faulks building, named after the renowned author and former Wellington pupil, houses 19 classrooms over 2 floors.

  • Renovated in 2018, the Wellesley Maths block, housing 12 classrooms, borders an artistically designed outdoors quad themed on the mathematical symbol of Pi.
  • The glass fronted Modern Foreign Languages Centre comprises 11 spacious classrooms over 2 floors, connected by an open stairway.

  • The iconic early 70’s building known as Queen’s Court is the College’s hub of Humanities teaching comprises 25 classrooms across 2 blocks bridged by a first-floor walkway.

  • The Mandarin Centre, a charming pagoda-inspired building, houses 3 classrooms opening onto an enchanting central courtyard and Chinese water garden feature.